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Standard Expanded Metal

Expanded metal as it comes off the machine. Standard expanded metal is abbreviated “XM”.


Flattened Expanded Metal

Expanded metal which has been passed through flattening rolls (cold rolled), turning the strands and bonds down to provide a flat surface. The flattening operation reduces the thickness (gauge) of the metal and stretches the pattern or piece. Flattened expanded metal is abbreviated “FXM”.


Dramex Long Diamond (LD)

Styles manufactured LD from raw materials in sheet form (96” and 120” lengths) produce panels with the long axis of the diamond running along the length of the mesh sheet.

Dramex Reverse Diamond (RD)

Styles produced RD normally from raw materials in coil form. These are available up to 48” LWD with some styles up to 60” LWD. Some small diamond designs are only manufactured as RD styles.

Dramex standards

Dramex product conforms to ASTM Standard F1267 and in the U.K., Dramex is certified ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. A full reference listing of standards for gratings and various alloys is available in the download section.

Designating Style

Expanded metal products are designated by a series of numbers which identify any given style. The first number designates nominal pitch short way of design. The second number is used in conjunction with the first number and may specify the gauge of metal, weight per 100 square feet, or may have some other significance. Therefore, the word “gauge” should never be added to the style designation.

Style Dimension: Nominal dimension Short Way of Design (SWD) and Long Way of Design (LWD).

Design Size: Actual dimension SWD and LWD. Measured from a point to a corresponding point on the following design.

SWO: Short Way of Opening.

LWO Long Way of Opening.

Strands: The sides of the expanded metal design.

Strand Thickness: Gauge thickness of metal expanded.

Strand Width: Amount of metal fed under dies to produce one strand.

Standard Sheet Sizes

Dramex standard sheet sizes are normally stocked items. Dramex also produces mesh styles not detailed on the online catalog. For items which do not meet your mesh requirements please contact the Dramex team for assistance in obtaining items suitable for your needs.


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