Dramex Animal Flooring

Dramex manufacturers expanded metal that is used for animal flooring. Best used as floors for yards, sheds, pens and loading ramps Dramex agricultural mesh is the ideal surface that minimizes slipping and is easy to clean. When properly used the Dramex prevents livestock bruises and cuts.

Dramex animal flooring makes animals feel safer and reduces stress.


  • Sheep flooring
  • Pig enclosures
  • Hog pens
  • Cages
  • Storage racks ( food, tools, equipment)
  • Animal transport
  • Walk ways
  • Anti-bird screen
  • Window protection
  • Hitch Cart platform
  • Floors for controlling parasites and foot rot.
  • Rodent proof screening
Dramex Animal Fencing

Dramex offers decorative fencing for farms and pens. The fencing panels can be easily installed to any existing posts or rails. The decorative series help preserve the aesthetic appeal of your farm while the strenght of the panels help contain your animals. Please refer to the fencing section by clicking here.

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