Building Security

Nuclear and Chemical Facilities

Nuclear facilities are areas that are highly at risk from terrorist attacks. Dramex offers many products essential to the protection of nuclear facilities and nuclear stockpiles.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities

Dramex is ideal for the physical protection and security of the computers, data centers, classified information, public records, and any other type of information facilities. The following lists examples of uses for securing buildings.

Vaults: Dramex can be used for vault reinforcement. Walls should be reinforced, with 9-gauge expanded metal. The expanded metal can be spot welded every 6 inches to vertical and horizontal metal supports of 16- gauge or greater thickness that has been solidly and permanently attached to the floor and ceiling. For more information click on reinforcement.

Security Fencing Panels: Dramex designed specific styles for the most high security perimeters. The overall strength of the panels makes it nearly impossible to break. For more information visit our fencing section.

Security Enclosures: Dramex can be used in the construction of enclosures that can section off storage areas into locked sections assigned to various maintenance departments at each unit. The open area of the mesh allows for high visibility assuring maximum security throughout the facility. Click here for more information.

Elevators: Dramex is lightweight and strong. The elevators of many facilities are often an easy surprise entry point for intruders. Dramex can be used to create elevators that allow you to see up or down..

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