Enclosures and protection

Security cages

Dramex for protection can be used indoors like outdoors. Although intruders find that cutting Dramex can be very hard and time consuming, installation is quick and simple. Dramex is available cut in standard and custom sizes. Protect anything from data to sneakers with Dramex.

Security enclosures

Dramex used for security enclosures are suitable for interior as well as exterior enclosures. Available in various styles and sizes, Dramex is easily installed with assured maximum protection. Secure the Dramex on a strong steel frame and either add a sliding or swinging Dramex panel door. With Dramex security  you make sure you get the best protection at the lowest cost. Dramex for security enclosures is considered to be one the most effective way to protect your assets or equipment because it offers high through visibility without compromising the strength of the mesh. Dramex for security enclosures also offer a free flow of air for areas where ventilation is needed.


Protect store fronts, authorized access areas and shipping receiving points with Dramex. Window guards, skylight protection and ceiling security are high risk areas that are easily secured with Dramex. Dramex can be used as a shield from debris caused by an explosion. Suitable for building facias. Visit the Dramex Architectural section for more information.

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