Dramex Security Reinforcing


Dramex is easily installed to wood or steel studs under plasterboard or other wall coverings. By using the appropriate fasteners, Dramex reinforcement makes access through walls virtually impossible. Wether used in correctional institutions, government offices, computer rooms, courthouses, police stations, art galleries, data centers or any other high security buildings Dramex offers maximum protection that is not visible to any potential intruder. Utilize Dramex for:

  • Custom warehouses
  • Banks
  • Prisons
  • Art galleries
  • Computer rooms
  • Jewellery stores
  • Embassies
  • Police stations
  • Power stations
  • Bus stops

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities

Dramex is used to secure highly sensitive areas. Walls should be reinforced, with Dramex 9-gauge expanded metal. Dramex can be spot welded every 6 inches to vertical and horizontal metal supports of 16-gauge or greater thickness that has been solidly and permanently attached to the floor and ceiling.

Bank vaults

Dramex used for reinforcing bank vaults offers a high security design with greater resistance to penetration. Bank vault reinforcing projects can be completed with the highest security standards in a short time period at a low cost. Information on Dramex standards are available in our downloads section.

Mining Reinforcement

Dramex is often used in different mining applications. Dramex reinforcing stops loose rock from falling and can also be applied to the roof of the tunnel. Visit our mining section for more information.

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