Dramex Fencing Panels

Security, strength and durability, are qualities that are paramount in sensitive areas such as correctional facilities, military bases, nuclear power plants, and airports.

Dramex a world renowned manufacturer of quality product has long recognized the fact that there is a need for fencing material that will surpass the norm of the perimeter security market. We have worked closely with various levels of authority to help them understand our product and installation techniques.

Dramex is by far superior to wire fabrics as it has no artificial joints or weaves to fail or unravel.

A unique combination of toughness, versatility and high strength to weight ratio, makes dramex expanded metal the ideal choice for high security applications. A truss like formation in which every connecting strand performs like a structural member distributing load over the area of the panel.

Penetration of expanded metal is very difficult by conventional means, such as side cutters, bolt cutters, torch or even vehicle impact, as it would require each individual strand to be cut to create an opening to gain access. The aperture size and gauge of steel used makes cutting of Dramex product very difficult and would present a long and intensive process to someone wanting to gain a quick and undetected access.

Dramex expanded metal can be produced in a multitude of pattern sizes, of conventional diamond pattern and decorative patterns to suit the application, and is easily adapted to fit on either existing frame support systems, or custom-made design systems.

Consult with our technical services for assistance, advise, in selecting the best choice in perimeter security.

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