Road Network

Highway Antiglare Barrier

For highway dividers eliminates oncoming headlight glare without reducing visibility.


Commuter Train stations

Dramex designed and manufactured special carbon steel styles for stairway infill panels, wall panels and partitions at rapid transit ground level, underground and elevated station stops. Mesh was galvanized and powder coated to architects design. Similar style also used at elevated stations and ground level stations as bird screens. Primary requirement was that the mesh was to be a wind break and rain screen. It was to be aesthetically pleasing while providing a security screen. The open mesh gives good see through characteristics which discourages vandalism and graffiti. For more information contact a Dramex professional by e-mail or telephone.

Security Fencing

Galvanized or epoxy coated paint is applied to a variety of Dramex Fencing panels in order to offer an aesthetically pleasing look. Ideal for fencing systems surrounding rails in residential areas. Dramex fencing panels are low cost and low maintenance. Click her for more on Dramex Security Fencing Panels.

Passenger Train Steps

Dramex is used as passenger train steps in order to make them safe, strong and low maintenance. Made of stainless steel Dramex designed special styles for entry and exit stair treads of commuter train carriages. The product is anti-slip, strong while light in weight. Open mesh designs keep tread plate dry. Stainless steel eliminates maintenance and corrosion concerns. Click here for more info on Dramex Stairtreads and Uniwalk.

Access for people with disabilities

Dramex can also be found in train access for people with disabilities. Dramex floor surfaces on and between passenger rail cars are slip-resistant and glare from floor surfaces are reduced as far as practicable. Ideal for wheel chairs and the safety of disabled passengers. Dramex can also be used for easy storage in passenger trains.

Rail Bridges

Dramex is often found used in the construction of bridges. For more detailed information please refer to our construction section.

Rail Cars

Dramex has designed special styles that are often required or ideal for the transportation of dangerous material or heavy equipment. Dramex is also used in rail cars for goods that require special transport, for example Dramex is highly used in the transport of grain to keep vermin out of the rail car.

Other Railroads products

  • Air filter system
  • Exhaust vent
  • Fan grille
  • Intake grille
  • Signal platforms

Bridge Construction

Please visit the construction page.


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