Transport modes

Motor vehicles

Dramex has many styles available for the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of automobiles and automotive accessories. The following lists the possible uses of Dramex in this industry.

  • Dipping baskets
  • Storage room enclosures
  • Dripping racks
  • Storage room shelving
  • Machine guards
  • Toolstand shelving
  • Radiator grilles
  • Truck tool boxes
  • Small Parts baskets
  • Truck window guards
  • Storage bins
  • Auto traction
  • Exhaust vent
  • Flat bed truck decking
  • Gratings
  • Security


Dramex can help in the prevention of disasters. Dramex can be used in aircraft to increase the structural stability of fuel tanks. Ideal for reducing the damages of an eventual fuel tank explosions. Dramex is found throughout airports and aircraft. For more information on airports and security visit the security section.

The following lists uses of Dramex in aircraft:

  • Air filter screen
  • Instrumental panel screen
  • Ventilator panel
  • Aircraft maintenance platforms

Ships and Boats

Ship Hull Insulation

Dramex aluminum for sheathing hull insulation on ocean cargo vessels, passenger ferries and icebreakers. The hull is insulated to eliminate sweating and condensation. Dramex is used as protective screen over insulation allowing it to breathe and holding it firm to avoid movement with ship vibration. Also supplied in galvanized steel. Material can be formed to conform with hull contours.

Building and Repair

The following lists various Dramex uses for ships:

  • Air filter screens -Lockers
  • Air intake panel -Marine shelving
  • Bulkheads -Oil filter screens
  • Catwalks -Partitions
  • Clothes bins -Cold storage grating
  • Compressor guards -Drive belt guards
  • Exhaust vent -Fan guards
  • Flywheel guards -Ladder safety enclosures
  • Salt water filter screens -Stair treads
  • Store room grating -Submarine detectors
  • Vessel Shaft guards -Walkways
  • Work Platforms -Gratings


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