Public utilities

Electrical Power Plants

Deflection Screens

Stainless steel screens designed to deflect and remove high velocity airborne particles in cooling shafts and tunnels at power generating stations. The airborne particles are removed and reduce the erosion of pipes, valves and tubes. Installation of screens reduces considerably the required maintenance and replacement of eroded fittings.

Cable Gallery Maintenance Catwalks

A system of catwalks sections fully fabricated and galvanized for installation in cable gallery buildings at nuclear and conventional power stations. The system allows for flexibility and complete access to cables and cable carriers. Facilitates easy maintenance and inspection eliminating the use of cable trays as walkways. Systems designed to be lightweight, strong and easy to install.

Water Intake Screens

Cupro nickel utilized as hydro electric intake screens and at desalinization plants to screen intake water and avoid considerable cleaning of screens caused by marine growth.

Radio Station

Dramex expanded copper mats used for radio stations





Dramex is used to line the entrance to this underground river turbine  eliminating stones and other debris from entering.

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